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Life in Free Verse July 12, 2011

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If there are a thousand and one ways to write a poem
And a thousand and one ways to express my thoughts and feelings
Then why can’t I craft one, how so utterly foolish I am right now
Then why can’t I articulate now, how so silly and helpless I am?


It’s raining outside, when i hear the rhythm of the falling rain
And   the coolth it brings I am reminded of you….
Coffee, tea or me? I’d often asked you smilingly
To keep you warm when it’s friggin’ cold
To make you come  alive without being expressly told
For us to be in unbounded bliss in ways manifold!
True, there are a thousand and one ways
For me to say I love and miss you terribly!
I do ardently hope that you have  the same  yearning
You are my dream come true with all its rich meaning!
Written for Jingle’s Monday Poetry Potluck
Prompt:  Life in Free Verse


Infatuation and Respect July 11, 2011

Posted by Amity in Haiku Heights, One Single Impression.

Charming butterfly

Nipped bud, nectar of flowers

Sweet infatuation!


Will infatuation

Grow into love and respect

Timeless and no bounds?


Written for Haiku Heights

Prompt: Infatuation

Also for One Single Impression

Prompt: Respect

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Crater… July 7, 2011

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At this moment..

I feel something amiss

in my blogging existence…

A crater and of lapses in thoughts?

Hope to get back soon… 😦

Just that!


Written for One Single Impression

Prompt: Crater


Seven Sins June 28, 2011

Posted by Amity in Acrostic, One Single Impression.

I find most women these days committing the following seven sins:

Suffering from low self esteem

Endless wavering in choices

Very much suspicious

Ever inclined to please others by

Neglecting family matters

Sweating over small stuff

Impulsive buying

Nothing serious though

Seven sins do they form!


Written for One Single Impression

Prompt: Seven Sins

Quench! June 27, 2011

Posted by Amity in Haiku Heights.

Rain, sunshine, fresh breeze

Quench the hungry soul of earth

Creations rejoice!


Written for Haiku Heights

Prompt: Quench

Wind…wind… June 19, 2011

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Wind, wind, where art thou?

Come blow away the oppressive heat

Bring in your cool, refreshing breeze

To give comfort touching me like a mist


Wind, wind, where art thou?

Come join me under the big tree’s canopy

Cool down the   day that is hot and foul

To ease my body and lift my saddened soul


Wind, wind, where art thou?

Come dance among the flowers and plants

To bring their fragrance in the wafting breeze

And keep me in blissful peace


Wind, wind, where art thou?

Why don’t you join me in the expansive beach?

Like a whisper touch my blistering body

Ahhh…what a refreshing feeling that is lovely


Wind, wind, where art thou?

Come join me underneath the starry sky

Gently with your refreshing cool zephyr

Lulling me into a slumber with perfect ease.


Written for One Single Impression

Prompt: Wind





Daddy, I miss you…. June 17, 2011

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When I saw that painting, tears silently fell from my big brown eyes. There was both a smile and a twitch in the corner of my lips. Memories of my late father came flooding back in my mind.

When I was young, my father never tried to carry me in his warm lap. He was quite distant from all his kids. He was a strict disciplinarian believing in the dictum that children should be seen but not heard. He never brooked boisterous kids in the house. Just a look in his eyes and we knew we should stay mum in a corner. We lacked any demonstration of affection from him possibly from the notion that pampering kids would spoil them. But mom made it up for it with her sweet nature and love.

That was then when we were young children ourselves.

When I had kids, my father had changed immensely. He doted on all my three kids. Mother told me that the way he treated my kids so lovingly and warmly, was the exact opposite of how he had treated his own kids when they were young.

My kids were loud and active never known to sit quiet for a second.  My son would demand to ride horseback on him and my dad would willingly be on his knees. He would enjoy playing hide and seek with my kids and derive immense pleasure in buying chocolates, apples, ice cream for my kids whenever he came home.

Fourteen years ago today, my father was so excited to have a vacation in the province where I was residing. He took along with him in his car my two older kids who were staying with my parents  for almost a year. We could not find a trusted nanny and they volunteered to take my kinds under their custody.

An expert driver, he was driving the car very fast. Sooooooooo… fast that even my son Kelvin who relished speed urged him, “Grandpa, please slow down. It is scary.” He laughed and ignored the child’s plea. He was obviously in a hurry to see me. A few minutes later, an ear-piercing thud and a sudden halt was heard. Shards of glass from the windshield went flying in all directions. It was a nasty accident that claimed his dear life on the spot.

As luck would have it, my kids were saved. From the eye witnesses it transpired that when he lost his control his only aim was to save my kids. That he did and sacrificed his own to let my kids survive.

Again, I snapped a look at the photo on the wall and it made me very sad. I was reminded of the contrast in him as a very strict dad to his kids and yet strangely a very loving grandpa submitting to all the whims and caprices of his grand kids. The tears continued to flood my eyes now as I recall a loving dad who did not know how to show his affection. But he made amends by showering his affection on my kids. Strange it is but true of the inexplicable nature of a good man.

“Oh dear father, wherever you are, may you look upon your grand kids whom you have unselfishly and lovingly devoted your time and love during their growing up years. May you be their guardian angel throughout their lives. We feel sad you are no longer around to witness the imminent success of each one of them. You must be the proudest if you were here, and I believe it so for you were like that when we were young achievers. I love and miss you so much and I mean it so!”


Written for Thursday Tales

I missed the moments! June 12, 2011

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I missed the moments when

I could gleefully dance

And be drenched in the falling rain.

I missed the moments when

I could play hide and seek

Without much restraint.


I missed the moments when

I could eat ice cream

Even the cheap colored one.

I missed the moments when

I would be chasing butterflies

With joys that never waned.

I missed the moments when

I would be climbing trees

Unmindful of the scratches and pain.

I long to be a li’l child once again

To relive those carefree, naive, playful days

And feel the joys of guiltless life

Bundled with mischiefs soaked in innocence!

Oh, how I missed those days!


 Written for One Single Impression

Prompt: Miss (Long for)

Image credits: HERE

My Fave Games… June 5, 2011

Posted by Amity in Blog Fest.

My fave games from sun up to sun down… 🙂

Let me start with what I enjoyed the most when I was a kid, say elementary days!

Chinese Garter

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I love Chinese garter game…I should always have a couple of meters long of garter in my school bag and when the bell for recess would be tapped, my friends and I would hurry to find a space in the wide green lawn of our school. I was petite but my feet got some magic that even when the garter was raised to a higher level, my feet could still hook it and be able to jump on the garter. A pretty sight indeed! And I was quite addicted to it! A game I enjoyed playing on hot summer days, but of course under the canopy of big trees!


Photo Courtesy

Well, this is another game you should play with good friends. If not, they would try to steal the stones you gained playing it! I remember those terms we used to advance to every level….like: single, double, double treble, shooting star, around the world, etc…When rainy season comes, this is mostly played indoors…when kids can no longer jump in a garter!

To know more about the game, click it HERE!


This is a game for both young and old…using a computer and an internet! I guess I need not say more about this, rather I wanna share some photos of my FV when I was at the height of my addiction to it. I even had a  poem written about this game. You may check my poem in my old-first-love-blog  HERE! Nice, isn’t it? But of late, I had to stop playing na… 🙂

Well, just those three games I am sharing, needless to say, I still have more than a dozen, like peek-a-boo, hide and seek, capture the flag, café world, island paradise, to name a few!


Submitted at Alex’s Games Blogfest

Endure! June 5, 2011

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One late snoozy Saturday  afternoon

Amity had to get  busy in her little store

Little wonder a bottle of juice of prune

Suddenly came down with a loud thud on the  floor.

Shards of glass big and small flew in every  direction

Making  her gloomy with much  dejection

A few of them got on  her dainty  legs

A big piece made a deep insertion

With  blood gushing like a fountain

And the minor  pieces  sprayed like dart

She panicked and didn’t know her part

But quickly came her confidence to her gain

She sat down calmly despite  the throbbing pain

Applied ointment, the pain she did endure

The deep cuts and bruises she was sure

Would leave scars on her  flawless legs

And  she will soon endure  some  mocking  smile

Confident that the marks would vanish in a while….


Written for One Single Impression

Prompt: Endure