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Nostalgia… May 27, 2011

Posted by Amity in Fiction, Short Stories, Thursday Tales.
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When I was a li’l girl…I could only smile in sheer joy when I saw other kids holding balloons of different colors, shapes and sizes in their hands. I would close my eyes and wish that my poor mother would buy me one. But my wish would remain just a wish!

When I grew up, my fascination for balloons did not leave me. I would feel a different kind of heaven when I saw parties of rich neighborhoods and their long courtyards or verandas adorned with balloons of varied shades and colors. How I wished I would be invited and after the party would l go home with a balloon in my hands.

I finished college. I had suitors. But I had a strong liking for this man who happened to also have the same fancy for balloons – yellow balloons to be exact! On special occasions, he would gift me with balloons. I would keep them safe inside my bedroom, and then put some graffiti in them . . . like…etch my name and his name on it . . . inside a big heart!

One day…while we were walking along a busy road, five yellow balloons on my right hand while my left hand was clasped in his, a sudden gust of wind snatched all the balloons in my hand.

He ran as fast as he could to catch them when a passing bus hid him from my view. In just a twinkling of an eye after the bus crossed I could no longer see him. He had just disappeared. It was then I noticed that we were walking on a bridge and when I saw the short railings, I panicked. I ran towards the edge crying for help but nobody seemed to notice as it was almost dusk and only few people passed by the bridge at that point of time. I was certain he must have tripped and fallen into the water deep below. It was dark and I could not see him. Tears swell in my eyes fearing the worst. I started hating the balloons that moment.

As I was crying, someone closed my eyes with his hands from behind. Shocked I tried to wrench myself free but the guy was holding me tight. As I tried to scream, he put his hand on my mouth. I saw a car approaching with its headlights on and I fervently hoped the car would stop and help would be available to save me from this scoundrel. I forgot totally about my friend and prayed to God to save me from this molester. As the car neared, the man let go his hands and when I turned I saw my friend laughing hysterically.

“Did you fear that I had drowned? Thanks to your big hydrogen filled balloons that acted like a parachute, I landed safely. I waded through water to surprise you from behind. Let us be grateful to your balloons” he said amidst laughter.

I hit him on his chest with both my hands and said “I hate you. You scared me to death. I thought I lost you permanently. Then I got frightened that I had fallen prey to a sex maniac because of your foolish prank. As a punishment give me back my five yellow balloons right now.”

Laughing together we walked back arm in arm to the balloon vendor to get some more lucky balloons.

“Our soul mate is someone who shares our deepest longings, our sense of direction. When we’re two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we’ve found the right person”.-Richard Bach


Written for Thursday Tales

Tale # 61