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My Fave Games… June 5, 2011

Posted by Amity in Blog Fest.

My fave games from sun up to sun down… 🙂

Let me start with what I enjoyed the most when I was a kid, say elementary days!

Chinese Garter

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I love Chinese garter game…I should always have a couple of meters long of garter in my school bag and when the bell for recess would be tapped, my friends and I would hurry to find a space in the wide green lawn of our school. I was petite but my feet got some magic that even when the garter was raised to a higher level, my feet could still hook it and be able to jump on the garter. A pretty sight indeed! And I was quite addicted to it! A game I enjoyed playing on hot summer days, but of course under the canopy of big trees!


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Well, this is another game you should play with good friends. If not, they would try to steal the stones you gained playing it! I remember those terms we used to advance to every level….like: single, double, double treble, shooting star, around the world, etc…When rainy season comes, this is mostly played indoors…when kids can no longer jump in a garter!

To know more about the game, click it HERE!


This is a game for both young and old…using a computer and an internet! I guess I need not say more about this, rather I wanna share some photos of my FV when I was at the height of my addiction to it. I even had a  poem written about this game. You may check my poem in my old-first-love-blog  HERE! Nice, isn’t it? But of late, I had to stop playing na… 🙂

Well, just those three games I am sharing, needless to say, I still have more than a dozen, like peek-a-boo, hide and seek, capture the flag, café world, island paradise, to name a few!


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