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As reviewed by Leo of I Rhyme Without Reason and shared on Jingle’s Review Tuesdays on March 14, 2011.
Dreams… they mean so much to us. In them, we are whoever we want to be. We can be royals ruling a kingdom or watching the Earth from the Moon; it is up to us what to dream. For dreams to be reality, it would be very beautiful. This week’s Review Tuesday takes you to Dreams are my Reality, a blog authored by Amity.
The Dreamer:
Amity is a blogger from the Philippines. Her profile reveals nothing much more about her. She believes that dreams are true interpreters of our inclinations, and she paints her dreams and thoughts through her blog.
Amity’s blog sports a simple look with the Picture Window template. There are two sidebars on either side of a post area, and the whole blog area is transparent, allowing the reader to see the beautiful clouds on the background. The two sidebars host an array of widgets like Flag Counter, Archive, Blogroll, Label List and Followers, along with images of the two Blog-a-Tonic awards she’s received, and the badges of the various memes she shares her work at. She has a menu list that leads the reader to her profile page, a page for her various awards and also filters out only her poetry. She has another blog called All Acrostics, where she shares her acrostics mainly. According to her archives, Amity has been blogging at this space since November 2008 and to date has 396 posts and 206 followers.
The Poetry:
The paint of Amity’s dreams is vividly hued. She likes to mix it up and dabbles in a lot of forms and gives beautiful images to her thought through her words. She prefers free verse most and she does it well. Subtle rhymes, if not perceptive, mark her poetry most of the time.
In forms, Amity mainly goes for haiku or acrostic form. A contributing member of memes like Acrostic Only and Haiku Heights from very early in her blogging, she has taken up positive strides in both these forms. “Evening Splendor” is a haiku worth reading, IMO. The image she has chosen is very nice, and creates for me a sort of double play, if it is a moon rise or a sunset. From her acrostics, I choose “Comets” as her best to date, for it is universally insightful into the theme. It also won a Best Acrostic Badge.
Other than these forms, Amity likes to go into sonnets and villanelles. Both forms to me aren’t easy, but she likes them I think and does them well. She also does fiction well, and her stories are quite simple and beautifully written. Her story, “Love Moves In Mysterious Ways” which is prose mixed with poetry is one I’d recommend as a worthy read. I also commend Amity for her photography, some of which she shares on her posts. It is very beautiful and shows off her camerawork very well.
Amity shares her work at other memes like Jingle Poetry Potluck, One Single Impression, Sunday Scribblings, The Poets Rally etc. as well.
The blog is heading in the right direction as it is. Well organized, simple and lovely posts… Just keep doing what you’re doing. Add some general details about yourself in your profile page, so your readers can know you a little more.
Who am I?
I’m Vinay, formerly known as Leo; author of I Rhyme Without Reason, co-host of Review Tuesdays here at Jingle Poetry along with Someone is Special. Hope you enjoy reading about the blogs, and do go read them too. Amity, it is a pleasure to review a blog which is so beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity and honor, and do let me know if there was anything wrong in the review.


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