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Bewitching Mirror… :) September 2, 2011

Posted by Amity in haiku, Haiku Heights.

On my daughter’s face

I saw my own reflection

Bewitching smile!


Written for Haiku Heights

Prompt: Mirror

Photo Courtesy: From my daughter’s FB file. I hope she wouldn’t mind.




1. Nanka - September 2, 2011

Great energy reflecting back as you see your image in your lovely daughter’s face Amity!!

2. KP - September 2, 2011

It brought a smile.There is a saying in our parts that if you wish to see how a girl would like 20 years hence,look at her mom.So much in common between mom and daughter.

3. Mike - September 2, 2011

What a lovely haiku.
When I look at my two grown up boys I often see a younger me.

4. magicalmysticalteacher - September 2, 2011

At the school where I teach are two sisters, the mirror image of each other, but they are two years apart!

Day 2: Mirror

5. Leo - September 2, 2011

Her eyes do make a great mirror, Amity. 🙂

6. andy sewina - September 2, 2011

It always amazes me, just how much we can see in a mirror!


7. Alex J. Cavanaugh - September 2, 2011

That means you’re both beautiful!

8. Ramesh Sood - September 3, 2011

Welcome back..Amity.. good to see your smile on your daughter’s face… and I am sure her smile must be adorning your face.. well done… lovely Haiku… happy to be here..

9. Tweety - September 3, 2011

ahaaan 🙂 🙂 must be very refreshing 🙂 I like I like amity 🙂

10. Aarti Kumari - September 3, 2011

Finally, I have found my answer ..Well I was wondering where Amity has gone , just stumbled upon this new wordpress blog of yours .. Happy to see you back , actively in HH Challenge 🙂

11. Traci B - September 13, 2011

Wonderful poem and a beautiful photo of your daughter. I enjoyed this one very much. 🙂

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