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Obsession! August 21, 2011

Posted by Amity in One Single Impression, Poems.

It is my obsession

To live near the beach

Where my companions are

The swaying coconuts trees

The whistling sea breeze

The roaring angry waves

The course sands that tickle my feet

The sight of fishermen ashore

The boats lodged perfectly on the sand

The constant ripples on the sea water

What a beautiful sight to behold!

And I will hang a hammock

Between the coconut trees

And read a beautiful novel

From sun up to sun down

While being refreshed by the gentle breeze!

Life this way for me seems to be perfect

As it is away from the hustle and bustle of city life!

Perfect obsession for a simple creature like me!


Written for One Single Impression

It’s my prompt this week: My¬†Obsession!

Please try to read other renditions of fellow OSI Writers!

Side notes: I’ve been away from blogworld for almost a couple of months. I tried to visit OSI yesterday and found out it is my turn for this week’s prompt, my OBSESSION! Could not think of any better way to render the prompt and saw this mail of a friend with a photo of a beach as seen above. Whewww…that photo is heaven-sent, it gave me an instant idea of what to write about…:) Anyways, it is really my obsession to live near a beach! The sights and sounds near the beach seem musical to my ears and I really loved them!