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Quench! June 27, 2011

Posted by Amity in Haiku Heights.

Rain, sunshine, fresh breeze

Quench the hungry soul of earth

Creations rejoice!


Written for Haiku Heights

Prompt: Quench



1. Tweety - June 27, 2011

Thats exactly how i feel under the scorching heat in my city amity….Just some rains 😀 😀

Loved it…

Amity - June 30, 2011

I am with you Tweety…just some rains… 🙂 and lots of fun under the falling rain… 😛
Thanks you loved it dear 🙂

2. AlexJCavanaugh - June 27, 2011

Very nice, Amity!!

Amity - June 30, 2011

Thank you Alex 🙂

3. Becca Givens - June 27, 2011

Lovely one!

Amity - June 30, 2011

Thanks Becca…will read your take too, soon! 🙂

4. Someone is Special - June 27, 2011

sweet.. and Mom how did I miss this blog? I was waiting for your updates from your old blog.. Glad I realized it today.. I missed you in my blog.. Have a lot to share with you.. Hoping to see you here

Someone is Special

Amity - June 30, 2011

Hi Sis:

Hey you, you’re here! Nice 🙂
Glad you finally found my new blog… 🙂 Keep coming back…of course I am reading you too
and commenting on some when I have time! Sure, am headed your way! 🙂

5. Leo - June 28, 2011

I prefer the rains and breeze to the sunshine right now 😛 I’ve had too much of heat. Nice haiku Amity.

Amity - June 30, 2011

I know India is really a very hot place, much more than in our place…pray let there be rains… 🙂
Or do some rain dance…:P Do you know of any? Will teach you one 😛

6. mindlovemisery - June 30, 2011

Lovely haiku =)

Amity - June 30, 2011

Thanks so much Mindlove! 🙂

7. Jingle - June 30, 2011


join poets rally today.

Amity - June 30, 2011

Thanks Jingle, I will join in the succeeding rallies,
I am quite busy these days.. 🙂
Thanks for the invitation!

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