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Wind…wind… June 19, 2011

Posted by Amity in One Single Impression, Poems.
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Wind, wind, where art thou?

Come blow away the oppressive heat

Bring in your cool, refreshing breeze

To give comfort touching me like a mist


Wind, wind, where art thou?

Come join me under the big tree’s canopy

Cool down the   day that is hot and foul

To ease my body and lift my saddened soul


Wind, wind, where art thou?

Come dance among the flowers and plants

To bring their fragrance in the wafting breeze

And keep me in blissful peace


Wind, wind, where art thou?

Why don’t you join me in the expansive beach?

Like a whisper touch my blistering body

Ahhh…what a refreshing feeling that is lovely


Wind, wind, where art thou?

Come join me underneath the starry sky

Gently with your refreshing cool zephyr

Lulling me into a slumber with perfect ease.


Written for One Single Impression

Prompt: Wind







1. mindlovemisery - June 19, 2011

This reminds me of summer in NC now that I am in Sweden I am still waiting for summer lol Beautiful imagery

Amity - June 21, 2011

Oh, so it must be cool there in Sweden, Mindlove…:)
Glad you find the imagery beautiful! 🙂
Be coming to read you soonest!

2. Leo - June 19, 2011

Ah.. I wish to find the wind too Amity.. Lovely poetry!

Amity - June 21, 2011

Go to a beach, go to a thick forest or stay under a moonlit and starry sky…wind will surely come your way! 😀
Thank you Leo, you find it a lovely poetry 😉

3. Ramesh Sood - June 20, 2011

Well done, Amity… a very unique take on the WIND… so very beautiful and refreshing..

Amity - June 21, 2011

Thanks so much Ramesh you find it beautiful and refreshing! 🙂

4. Harshad - June 20, 2011

Oh, how can wind not turn to the way of such inviting heart?

So beautiful !

Amity - June 21, 2011

He he…Thanks Harshad! 🙂

5. tigerbrite - June 20, 2011

Ah, the whispering breeeze, lovely.

Amity - June 21, 2011

Thank you so much Tiger brite… 🙂

6. Jim - June 20, 2011

Hi Amity ~~ You were correct, both our poets had conversations with the wind. Yous flows so nicely, I like it! 🙂

Amity - June 21, 2011

Thanks Jim, you liked my take of it… 🙂
Yes, a very nice conversation with the wind…

7. Pam - June 20, 2011

I really like the shape and repetition in this poem. You wrote about longing for the coolness of a breeze while I wrote about the hot wind blowing from the desert. Isn’t wind amazing that it can be so different?

Amity - June 21, 2011

Oh, I sure will have to read your take too – soonest Pam!
Wind is truly amazing and I am in awe reading others’ take!

8. Jingle - June 20, 2011

the title blows me away.
Glad to see you in the rally.

have fun!

Amity - June 21, 2011

Ha ha…as in wind…..wind…. 😀
Thanks Jingle, it was fun writing this poem really! 🙂

9. sandra - June 20, 2011

sweet beautiful words!

Amity - June 21, 2011

Thank you so much Sandra! 🙂

10. AlexJCavanaugh - June 20, 2011

I will take that gentle wind!!

Amity - June 21, 2011

Oh sure Alex…it is totally refreshing… 🙂

11. Teri C - June 20, 2011

Oh this is just beautiful. You managed to cover most of the things that wind does or where we can find it. Just great.

Amity - June 21, 2011

Thank you Teri…and I so like your take on Wind Mandala too – it looks so cool creating a windy atmosphere! Loved it 🙂

12. Andy - June 20, 2011

We all long for that refreshing wind at some point in time.

Penned beautifully.

Amity - June 21, 2011

Thanks so much Andy 🙂

13. Tumblewords - June 20, 2011

Beautiful! Summer has not arrived here but the wind blows cold and colder. This lovely piece reminds me how the wind can be refreshing.

Amity - June 21, 2011

Thanks Sue for finding my piece lovely… 🙂
Oh you must be missing summer in your place now… 🙂

14. Max Coutinho - June 21, 2011

Hey Amity :D!

That hot, eh? The worst is when it is hot and the wind that is granted on us is also hot…Lord have mercy!

But at least Summer is there (imagine those nations which aren’t experiencing warm weather yet)!

Beautiful poem; but you already knew that :D.

Cheers, my darling!

Amity - June 21, 2011

Oh Max, the north and the south doesnt have summer I guess…must be friggin cold over those places…though there is wind, it must be cold… 🙂
But dessert countries must be badly needing the cool breeze…:)

15. short poems - June 21, 2011

BEAUTIFUL, Amity… a very unique take on the wind…The words flow so perfectly! Well done.Love it 🙂 🙂

Amity - June 21, 2011

Hi Marinela,

Thanks so much u found my take unique… 🙂
Will surely read yours and I know it is as perfect as the rest!

Hugs! 🙂

16. Kim Nelson - June 21, 2011

As temperatures here in the Sonora Desert top 105 f, I appreciate the intention of this poem!


17. KP - June 21, 2011

A pleasing poem that is atonce refreshing and gentle

Amity - June 21, 2011

Thanks kp, you find my poem gentle and refreshing! 🙂

18. PremI - June 21, 2011

Enjoying the wind! 🙂

Amity - June 21, 2011

Thanks so much Preml… 🙂 It is really nice to have cool breeze around.. 🙂 soothes us always!

19. Helena (Hey! Lena) - June 22, 2011

I’m not a fan of the summer, never cope well with hot days, so this poem was blissfully refreshing to read and feel. Oh, for the want of a beautiful breeze……

Amity - June 22, 2011

Is it? well, on summer days, there’s a refreshing cool breeze…on winter months, the cool breeze is hard to come by with…just that friggin’ cold… 🙂

20. Write Girl - June 22, 2011

Amity, I love your conversation with the wind. Very sweet poem.

Amity - June 22, 2011

Thanks Write Girl…I love it too! And it entices me to make some whistling!

21. Daydreamertoo - June 22, 2011

There’s nothing worse than oppressive heat and no wind to even cool down with. Lovely prose to decsribe it all!

Amity - June 27, 2011

That’s true Daydreamer… 🙂
Thanks you find it lovely! 😀

22. patti - June 22, 2011

Good Morning! Well- I can tell you where the wind was last night (as I was almost blown off the road in a huge wind storm). I love your poem- the imagery is delightful! I hope you find your wind… Have a wonderful day- hugs!

Amity - June 27, 2011

Oh really, that’s sad! A storm is also entering our place now, hope it doesn’t get worst, just some heavy downpour at the moment… 😦
Hugs to you too Patti! 🙂

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