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Who is she? June 2, 2011

Posted by Amity in Three Word Wednesday.
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Who Is She?

 Garbed in a multi-coloured garment

She takes the luminous crystal ball

And starts to utter words hard to decipher

To make predictions that are ominous

Real or erratic heaven only knows

But feared most is the  bad omen  happening!


Written for Three Word Wednesday

Prompts: erratic, luminous, omen



1. Anthony North - June 2, 2011

Nice one. Always beware of bad omens.

Amity - June 2, 2011

Yeah Anthony…thank you…i can’t think of other way to render the prompts…hence this came best in mind! 🙂

2. Rinkly Rimes - June 2, 2011

She looks a bit unscrupulous to me! Don’t believe a word she says.

Amity - June 2, 2011

Yeah Gemma…I never believe in them, and I don’t even try asking their opinion or predictions… 🙂
Thanks Gemma…will be reading you soon!

3. Sheilagh Lee - June 2, 2011

I loved the way you described a fortune teller. wonderfully put.

Amity - June 2, 2011

Thanks Sheilagh Lee… 🙂 I think there is no better way for me to put up the prompts for 3WW than this… 🙂
Good morning! 🙂

4. Jae Rose - June 2, 2011

A bit like ‘The Scream’..I liked the slight discomfort and sense of bad omens..it created a lot of atmosphere..Jae

Amity - June 3, 2011

Hi Jae,
That’s a very interesting reaction from you while I do get nervous seeing one esp when she starts to utter words beyond comprehension…: )
Thanks Jae, good morning!

5. KP - June 2, 2011

That was a realistic capture of the scene ably told

Amity - June 3, 2011

Thanks KP, for seeing it that way!

6. AlexJCavanaugh - June 3, 2011

Hey Amity! I’ll add your new site to my Google Reader since you don’t have a followers widget up yet. I’ve missed you!

Amity - June 3, 2011

Hey Alex,

Thanks you’re here… 🙂 Happy to see you here… 🙂 Of course me too… 🙂 and I have to open my old blog just to see any new posts from my friends like you!
Good morning!

7. Leo - June 3, 2011

Well, I don’t believe in crystal balls, so bad omens aren’t something that’ll deter me I think.

Amity - June 4, 2011

Me too…i just wrote this out of curiosity and must they be blabbering… 😛

8. Max Coutinho - June 4, 2011


Hi, darling! Thank you so much for having given me the new link. I shall update the blog-links!

I also missed you, girl! 😀 I thought you had abandoned the blogosphere, but I am glad you haven’t.

I wish you a wonderful weekend!

And yes…who is she? 😉


Amity - June 4, 2011

Hey Max,

Finally you’re here… 🙂 I was bent on abandoning but thank goodness, my fellow close blog friends encouraged me to continue blogging. Blogspot problems should not deter me they said.
So I tried wordpress and here I am now…:) I hope the rest will be comfy visiting me… like you 😉 Missed yah too… 🙂 Been to your blog and read a post of yours u have posted sometime in December,
and I was truly entertained, what with the kilometric comments of your avid followers especially LS! There was an interesting discussion that went through that post of yours… 😉
You write admirably well really! Cheers! 🙂

9. AlexJCavanaugh - June 4, 2011

Glad you’re participating in my blogfest on Monday! Hope you’re enjoying your new blog site.

Amity - June 5, 2011

Yes Alex….a bit as of the moment… 🙂 Hopefully I could adjust well in due time… I just feel bad i have to abandon my first-love-blog… 🙂
I find wordpress nice too… 🙂
Sure I will be around in your blogfest… Topic is quite interesting you know! You might get more inquisitive with what I am gonna post!
Have a great Sunday Alex!

10. Creativity - June 5, 2011

Woww!! Beautiful Excellent Fabulous Write Up Dear 🙂 🙂 I Have Missed Many of Your Posts Here 😦

Will Read Them At The Earliest. I Should Not Miss Any 🙂 🙂 Have A Wonderful Sunday 🙂 🙂

Love & Hugs 🙂 🙂

Amity - June 5, 2011

Thanks Sahana… 🙂 I am happy you are finally here.. 😀
Enjoy your visit and of course I will also have to see you once in a while through the help of my old blog where I can see the
updated blogs of friends like you!

11. sriharsha - June 5, 2011

Irrespective of what she tells,irrespective of whether she knows it or not we are always afraid of these bad omens.
And thats why she scores.


Amity - June 6, 2011

That’s very true Sriharsha… 🙂 Best is, we should not ask her opinion! 😛

12. Geraldine - June 6, 2011

Very intriguing, I like this painting very much! G


Amity - June 6, 2011

Yeah….just the thought of who is she is really intriguing… 🙂
And I don’t believe in them anyway… 😀

13. mindlovemisery - June 6, 2011

This is such an amazing poem for the way you’ve interpreted this painting. I love it, I went to a fortune teller at a gypsy carnival when I was small I’ll never forget my fortune luckily it wasn’t ominous

Amity - June 6, 2011

Oh really, sometimes it is up to us to believe…while go just for fun!
Thanks so much! Good morning!

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