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Manifest! May 29, 2011

Posted by Amity in One Single Impression.
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He longingly looked into my eyes

I innocently looked back into his eyes

A magical feeling!


Written for One Single Impression



1. Harshad - May 29, 2011

Hi Amity, after long time? Nice to see u in this space.

Innocently? 🙂

Amity - May 29, 2011

Yes Harshad…got a problem with my original blog at Blogger…so I tried wordpress…hope you will continue to follow me here…will read you soon

Innocently? yeah..ha ha ha…women seem to be…:)

2. Anthony North - May 29, 2011

A magical feeling, indeed.

Amity - May 29, 2011

Thanks Anthony…been a long time I was absent from OSI, it is because I got a problem with my original blog at blogger…now I am trying wordpress…
Thanks for coming by…will read you soon…:) Good morning!

3. Jim - May 30, 2011

You’ve got me “Google eyed, Amity.

Welcome back!

Amity - May 31, 2011

Huh? Google eyed? Thanks Jim, dunno what that means! 🙂

4. ladynimue - May 31, 2011

am so happy to see you on wordpress !
I have some trouble in opening blogger sites on my system so used to miss reading you quite lot ..

Amity - May 31, 2011

Thanks Ladynimue… 🙂 I may stay here na for good…though you can’t customize that much…it is fine as long as some blog friends read me here!

5. Teri C - May 31, 2011

Must be love!

Amity - May 31, 2011

You got it Teri 🙂 Thanks you’re here! 🙂

6. PremI - May 31, 2011

Could feel the magic….

Amity - May 31, 2011

Thanks you do… 🙂

7. PremI - May 31, 2011

could feel the magic…

8. MystiquePree - June 1, 2011

just to let u know about my presence in your wordpress blog too. i would always be there beside you, though sometimes invisible.

Did i tell you that this poem is darn cute. 🙂

love n hugs.

Amity - June 1, 2011

Hi Preety sis,

Thanks so much 🙂 and missed yah! 🙂 Thanks you’re around though invisible… 😉
Yeah, it is really, makes me feel as young as you are… 😉

Have a nice day Sis! Mwahs!!!

9. sandra - June 1, 2011

that feeling…magical…!

Amity - June 1, 2011

yeah…it is Sandra… right? 🙂

10. SandyCarlson (USA) - June 1, 2011

Sweet and beautiful magic! I like this poem, and I’m glad you’re back. So nice to see your photo with your comments.

Amity - June 1, 2011

Thanks Sandy you came here… 🙂 I missed all those wonderful blog friends like you… 🙂
I stopped blogging for a while because I was quite busy then when I decided to go back, my blogspot got some glitches
then I decided to try wordpress and here I am now… 🙂

11. KP - June 1, 2011

Nice blog and nice lines.
Good you are able to resume after a long gap

Amity - June 1, 2011

yes KP, it took me a long time to decide if i would resume blogging or not after being disappointed with some glitches in my original blog…thanks ! 🙂

12. Amritbir Kaur - June 7, 2011

Wow! The lines had that ‘one single impression’ on me after reading. Keep it up!

Amity - June 8, 2011

Thanks Amrit…and thanks for finding my blog… 🙂
I just came from your blog and it is a lovely place I can visit every now and then!

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