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Muse on Strike! May 25, 2011

Posted by Amity in Poems.

I wish again to write
Lines and verses aplenty
I scribble lines here and there
Only to find I am nowhere.

However much I try
Nothing seems to come right
My mind’s emptiness
Clueless at my dreariness.

Like a ship rudderless
I feel vague and senseless
I don’t know where to start
To recapture the spirit of past.

Surely my long absence
Away from my blog and friends
Lulled my poetic sense
And my muse to long silence.

Where am I now?
Am I sorely missed?
In this dear blog world
Now I wish to know…

Will my dear and precious pals
Still be there for me
When I go back scribbling
Once my muse works for me?

Now I wish to write and share
My mind, my thoughts
and my inner feelings
Which slept for quite a time!



1. Anya - June 3, 2011

Hi my dear


Hugs from us all
Kareltje,Betsie & Anya

Amity - June 3, 2011

Hi Anya,

Thanks you found me…I am bound to let all my friends know where I am and thank goodness you’re here… 🙂 Whoever showed you the way, I wish to thank that soul!
I am missing you all, terribly,….so I give my tight hugs and kisses to Kareltje, Betsie and you my dearest Anya…mwahsssssssssssss!!!
Any new post from you? Well let me check in my dear-old-love-blog of mine! 🙂

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